Enjoy this an amazing tour of San Gimignano, a small Tuscan town with a perfectly preserved center dating back to the Middle Ages. The village stands on a hill overlooking Val d’Elsa, surrounded by almost two kilometers  of surrounding walls with five Entrance Gates. Walking through alleys and little streets time seems to have stood still. Admire the the fresco cycle by Ghirlandaio, a real Renaissance jewel and Piazza della Cisterna, with a monumental travertine well; and the 54 meters high Torre Grossa, the tallest among the 70 towers of the Middle Ages. Today only thirteen are left.

Lunch in the center to feature the gastronomic delights of San Gimignano, saffaron and Vernaccia wine, appreciated by the father of the Italian language Dante. After lunch we head to Volterra, one of the oldest Italian towns, built by the Etruscan people in the VII century BC. Today a charming medieval hill town, famously known for the production and artful creations of alabaster …as well as the setting of the movie Twilight.

May 5, 2018 at 10:00 am

Duration: 8 hours

Min 6 to Max 15 people per group

Price per person: $185.00